About Me


About Me


 HI, I’m glad you’re here

I'm a mindfulness teacher, speaker, coach and writer with a mission to support stressed out humans in a demanding world of extremes. In other words, I help people relax. 

Feeling controlled by stress and anxiety? You’re not alone. For years, I struggled with my own stressors and anxieties. It took a big leap of trust, and plenty of support, to release my limitations of fear and feel free.

If you’ve found yourself here, I have reason to believe you’re ready to do the same.



manage stress with meditation


manage stress with meditation

As a certified meditation instructor through The Interdependence Project, I'm a passionate student and teacher of mindfulness. 

I wasn't always zen. As a child, I suffered from intense waves of anxiety. As an adult, I began to numb the internal stirring with unhealthy habits. Then I discovered meditation, and came to crave the silent solitude of my cushion as a salve for the stirring sea within. Now, I am dedicated to offering accessible mindfulness practices to help calm the busy and distracted modern mind.


Private Meditation sessions

My personalized one-on-one meditation sessions are customized to release individualized stressors and anxieties, and use self-compassion to align with your most authentic self. 

My private sessions include:

  • scheduled video calls

  • guided meditation

  • intuitive counsel

  • personalized meditation recordings


corporate meditation sessions

Meditation in the workplace is rapidly growing due to the benefits of stress reduction, increased cognition and healthier, happier employees.

My corporate services include:

  • group meditation sessions

  • speaking engagements

  • mindfulness workshops

  • one-on-one meditation guidance

Loved By

Since I started working with Ashley, I feel more present and in control of my own actions. I feel so much more connected to myself and have experienced so many positive shifts in my relationship patterns and mood from her personalized meditations.
— Brenda, Private Client, New York
Ashley offers a calm and secular approach to meditation. She has a unique understanding of the group she is leading and adjusts each practice based on the environment. Every week, she continues to support our team with her wisdom and words of compassion.
— Stephen, Corporate Client, New York


heal anxiety WITH SUPPORT


heal anxiety WITH SUPPORT


I’ve watched too many people I love become paralyzed by fear, doubt, fraud-complex and self-sabotage. I also lived in these limiting beliefs for too long. They controlled me and got in the way of my bigger visions for myself. 

Sound familiar?

My one-on-one mindfulness coaching is offered remotely, for all backgrounds, anywhere around the world. I offer thoughtful guidance, rooted in mindfulness and self-compassion practices, to identify and release your deep triggers of stress.

In this 3-month mindfulness coaching program you will:

  • Release old patterns of habit causing stress and anxieties.

  • Learn to observe yourself through a lens of compassionate curiosity, rather than judgement. 

  • Tap into your own well of wisdom and intuition as your greatest tools.

  • Get into the flow of the abundance you deserve.

  • Nurture the part of yourself that is ready to heal and move forward in life. 

Now is the time to bloom into your greatness, your power, your worth, your voice, your purpose. Now is the time, more than ever. It’s all possible.

What’s stopping you?

Ashley has helped me tremendously by listening without judgment, offering compassion, and tools for solution. She is extremely visual and has walked me through/and or shared visualizations with me that have helped form new perspectives/ways of thinking in my everyday life.
— Ashley, New York
Ashley was able to pinpoint the mental and emotional roadblocks holding me back and help me move forward in all aspects of my life. More than anything, she helped me articulate my struggles and gave me real, tangible tools to move forward.
— Jess, Denver
Working with Ashley gave me encouragement, wisdom, and some very practical tools - including her personalized meditations - to help me through a period of major transition in my life. After each session, I felt more focused on my goals, and more confident in my ability to achieve them; I often find her to be calming and energizing at the same time.
— Sarah, Atlanta